- Ali A. on 2015/08/25

- Bonnie J. on 2015/08/25

 - Mike G. on 2015/08/25

- Brandt W. on 2015/08/24

- Mo N. on 2015/08/24

- Nouhad B. on 2015/08/22

- Delmon L. on 2015/11/04

- Tim D. on 2015/08/22

- A D. on 2015/08/23

- Howard J. on 2015/08/24

- John C. on 2015/09/01

- David T. on 2015/08/28

Enjoy comments & reviews from my clients

Professional and a Servants Heart
I am an accountant with over thirty five years of experience in private industry.  I initially called John to gain some clarity on my 2014 tax return, I encountered a couple of issues that created some uncertainty in treatment.  I called John Stockton as a result of a blind Google search. I was very impressed when he took time to answer a series of questions.  He patiently listened, then offered treatment options.  Over a week later, after I had compiled my return, I called John to request his utilization in the final preparation my return.  My wife and I met with John in his office for a review and return preparation.  I must say it was like meeting with an old friend.  His professionalism and knowledge were obvious. However, I found Mr. Stockton to be quite an impressive individual, He wasn't concerned with generating a billing.  He truly is someone you can trust as a Professional.  We left with my return in hand and the feeling we had made a friend.


I have been a client of John's for 20 years.  I first started using him when I was in my twenties and working a full time job, as time progressed I wanted to open my own business.  John was a great resource as I made the transition from employee to employer.  He helped me structure the company in the most beneficial way.  He has been more than an accountant, he has mentored me through different processes and always helped me to understand so I was able to make educated decisions.  20 years and two business later, I would highly recommend John Stockton's Services.

                                                                                                                                      - Kenneth C. on 2015/09/17

Professional, Over and Beyond, Very Knowledgable
We have been using his services for over 10 years.  He has ALWAYS been available, professional, courteous and VERY knowledgeable in all of taxation and accounting.  We have/would recommend him to our colleagues.

                                                                                                                                    - Charlene N. on 2015/09/12

I have worked with John Stockton CPA Firm for over 22 years
The Firm remains current with latest laws and regulations regarding corporate and individual taxes and all possible tax deductions.  I have been very happy with the excellent customer service the Firm provides and has helped me during my tax IRS audit.  I have recommend the Firm to several of my family members and friends for different level of tax related services that they have needed over the years.  They all have been extremely happy with the service.  John Stockton, CPA strives for perfection and makes sure that everything is done accurately, and on time.

                                                                                                                                           - Rama Y. on 2015/09/01

Best CPA ever had​
My dealings with John Stockton have exceeded a decade and in all my transactions with John I have found him to be of the highest caliber of CPA. He is totally professional, fair, truthful and very personable and have never had any problems with the work he did for me.  As long as John is in business, I will continue to use his services and no other.


Professional, Fully Informed CPA Firm
​I have had a great experience with John Stockton CPA Firm for many years.  I have recommend the Firm to several Family members and friends over the years that have needed several levels of tax service and they all have been extremely happy with the service.  I believe they do a Great job keeping up with all the latest laws and deductions and making you feel at ease during this stressful time of taxes.  I found the true value of working John Stockton CPA firm when I went through a IRS audit several years ago and I have to say John Stockton was there with me every step of the way.  I don't believe I would of had as positive out come without working with John Stockton CPA Firm.


Great Service, Professional and Friendly
I have known John Stockton for many, many years and he has done my taxes for me.  He is very professional and does upmost to help in any way he can.  I would certainly recommend him to others.


                                                                                                                                       - Carolyn H. on 2015/08/26

Texan Development & Construction​
John Stockton is a fantastic CPA! He’s been my Accountant for over 15 years, and never have I once had any issues with my taxes. He’s very efficient at what he does, and goes above an beyond with his services. I have recommended him to numerous friends and family, and will continue to do so in the future. You can’t go wrong with choosing John for all your tax needs!


I have known John Stockton for over 20 plus years and he has always been a very competent and knowledgeable CPA always helpful very attentive and really good at his profession , brilliant person and I will continue to have John handle all tax matters on my behalf and I will refer all my associates to do business with him as well...  Great service!  Thanks John.


High Quality Accounting Services
We have done business with John Stockton for 23 years.  He has handled everything from complex tax issues, to sales tax audits, to tax returns both business and personal and we couldn't be happier.  He is a trusted partner!


Perfectionism, Reliability, Complete Satisfaction
John Stockton has done my taxes for many years.  He's a perfectionist, making sure everything is done accurately, and on time.  He knows all the latest tax codes, and how they affect me and my business.  He handles all the details for me that I don't have the patience or time for.  I never have to worry about the quality of his work.  To me, this is priceless, true peace of mind, knowing I have the best man working on my behalf.  Now if only I could find someone of his caliber to handle my marketing.

                                                                                                                                          - Linda R. on 2015/08/24

Knowledgeable & Professional
We have been clients of John Stockton CPA for more than 20 years.   John's knowledge, personal attention and expertise for our business has helped us achieve our financial goals year after year.  His staff is experienced, competent and always there to answer any questions we have.  We would recommend John Stockton CPA with the utmost confidence & respect to anyone looking for a CPA firm in Houston.

                                                                                                                                           - Greg D. on 2015/08/24

​Professional and Service Minded
I would highly recommend John Stockton. I opened my business in 2007 and John was referred to me from a friend.  He helped me set up my corporation and was very helpful throughout our beginning stages of business.  John is always there when we need him.  He has been an instrumental part of our growing business.


Wonderful Experience, Wonderful CPA
​I have been going to him for many years always prompt and accurate.  One of the most professional, courteous and polite person you will ever meet.  Will continue to do all my CPA business with him for a very long time.


Excellent Service
​I have used Mr. Stockton for over 20-years.  He gives great advise, is tremendously knowledgeable, and provides excellent customer service.  I highly recommend him.

High quality service
Mr. Stockton provides first class quality work.  He was efficient and very knowledgeable.

The Best
John Stockton does taxes the right way.  With integrity and no risk.  But with his experience in teaching IRS agents over the years, and going off my own experience with John doing our business and personal taxes for many years, I am 100% certain that John is the only man I will ever let touch our tax returns.​

Totally Professional
Have known this firm for over 20 Years.  Very dependable and highly knowledgeable not to mention friendly. Timely service with follow up.